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Its been a while since I was around. Blah. Anyway I wanted to ask you all how do you art? I know it sounds like an odd question so let me explain. But first what I want to really ask you is how do you do your art? Have you noticed that you seem to be better at doing what you in a certain environment? 

You see me and a friend noticed how different our approaches are, first he is a fine artist where I am an Illustrator while the two can trespass into the others area we do have very different point of views. For instance he loves to work during the morning and afternoon in a confined space or rather chaotic space, I personally love to work during the night and morning and love space and peace. He can work with many people around him while I tend to become uncomfortable around more then five people and our views on art cannot be more different.

He likes artists like Damien Hirst and other artists who have a similar style he can look at a canvas that is blank and say "yes that is art" and I can't help but think "I can buy one of those for less then £10" we really can't be more different. He does not see digital art as real art and I cannot see how an unmade bed is art. I know its all highly subjective at the end of the day and its amusing to us both because we end up fighting and debating in the middle of art galleries and its fun to see how we are so different. 

But moving on, I have noticed the way we work is vastly different. I can not focus for long periods of time and so its a miracle i get any illustrating done sometimes to counteract how quickly I get bored I work on four to six illustrations in one day which offers me various styles and methods to complete. Where as he can spend hours on his paintings just sitting and staring and he will complete at least two paintings a day. They are mainly abstract works similar to the Impressionism movement while they are not detailed they are fairly big but he's always been a fast worker. 

Also some niggles that we have noticed about each other, I like a cold room (and i do mean cold i have even allowed room temp to drop below zero at some point) I also like an open window and open door. I really dislike closed doors not sure why, also when working traditionally I hate to have a computer In the same room. But do need a tablet if I need reference material or to contact someone. 

Where as he likes a nice room not to hot, not to cold he also loves to sit with his back to the door of the room and must always be standing when painting. He does his best work in the middle of day and worst at night, he does not allow any digital devices in the same room as him when painting.

We also share some things like despite me liking open space and he liking confined space we like to have clutter in the room to. I work in a room where there is books and pictures all over the walls, he likes paint tubs everywhere and books to and just basic junk. Its just odd things we noticed this day. 

So I am asking again how do you art and have you noticed any oddities that maybe other people in your field do not do?
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